Julep February Maven Box Reveal

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a Julep reveal! This is because I had placed my Maven account on hold for a while. I’ve been a customer of Julep and a Julep Maven since the early days of its existence. Early on there were several blunders made (cliff notes version: issues with referral program early on, and most notably the use of bloggers photos used in promotions on their blog without consent) and I was one of the only bloggers who didn’t blacklist them at the time. This was because while I obviously disagreed with the errors they made, I was content with how they handled the situation. Many companies early on rely on social media interns, many of whom are still students. It was my understanding that the error in the use of blogger photos was the mistake of one individual, and while the company is certainly responsible – I didn’t feel the need to permanently black list the company.

However, that being said – in the last year Ive become increasingly less interested in their offerings. I think the program is still great, and I remain a Maven so I can opt into months I like and still have access to the Maven store (all items discounted). To me, one of the biggest struggles they’ve had is staying current with trends. This year they kept coming out with ‘trendy’ styles – long after the trends had started to fade. They gave out magnetics after Nails Inc and other mainstream brands had already cornered the market. They gave use matte during the height of the glitter trend. Clearly, they are tracking trends but they have a delay between noticing them and releasing them. I almost wish they would focus less on trends and more on staple shades since the trends never seem to be timed right.

This was the first month is a long time that I felt inclined to opt in. This month featured holos – a trend that is still current (ish), and more importantly (to me) – a new nail treatment (Oxygen Treatment). As a loyal fan of their Reveal Nail Treatment, I was excited to try this one out.

I am by default in the American Beauty category in the Maven program, but I switched to receive the Bombshell package this month.

Julep2013Feb1I must say, I appreciate how they have improved their packaging over time – must more formal looking.

Julep2013Feb2Inside was a little yellow parcel with…. a travel eyelash curler!

Julep2013Feb3Aww… looks like a mini flip phone!


Julep2013Feb5Kind of confused me because the instructions said to ‘pull down the handle’ – it’s more of a ‘flip open the back panel’

Julep2013Feb6Oxygen Nail Treatment & free Freedom Top Coat – I adore the new packages! I always found it odd that their treatments were pricey but lacked outer packaging.

Julep2013Feb7And the polish. To be added to me absurdly large bin of Julep untrieds. Laura & Ginger



What do you think about the Maven Program? Has your opinion changed over time at all?

The Julep Maven Program is a monthly subscription where for $19.99 you receive one of several boxes (you can choose and change from the assigned box). All but one of these packages offer two polishes, a featured product, and the monthly goodies they include (i.e. this months was the eyelash curler). However, the It Girl package is usually just three polishes. When you consider that each of their polishes retails for $14, it’s a great deal!

If you are interested in the Julep brand I highly recommend it because in addition to the packages (which you can opt out of each month if you so desire) you gain access to the Maven Store which has all items with a 20% discount.

8 thoughts on “Julep February Maven Box Reveal

  1. I just started the Maven thing in December, but I’m not sure how I feel about it. My biggest trouble has been with the shipping/receiving part of my order (they never seem to include my apartment number when shipping my packages), but I definitely feel like they’re not really up on nail trends, either. I do like trying the non-polish products that come in the boxes, though.

    • That’s a bummer about the shipping issue! Maybe try calling them? I’ve always received better customer service from them via phone versus email for some reason. I agree on the products – most of them I really enjoy trying. Except I have like 3 different foot scrubs from them so I kinda wish they’d do less of those haha.

  2. I am kind of down on julep at the moment. I skipped my last 3 boxes. I’m starting to think the boxes are not worth the money, especially since the polishes are so much smaller than normal. The eyelash curler is kinda neat, but seems a little gimmicky. I’ve heard some complaining that the holos are not very ‘holo’. I’d love to hear your opinion of the polishes once you’ve tried them.

  3. I got the intro box for a penny a few months ago and I was NOT impressed with the quality of the polish at all. Every one of them is super thick, so probably old, and each was just wrapped in bubble wrap and tossed in a box. I did grab a bottle of their quick dry drops and I love those! I’m also keeping my subscription and skipping months(so far) so I can access the store.

    • I agree that the quality of their other products is superior to the quality of the polish. I love some of the flat shades, and even some glitters, of theirs – but they get super thick super fast, separate like crazy, and to me just don’t seem worthy of the $14 price bracket.

  4. Sorry to hear your photos were used without your consent. I’m curious to know how they handled the situation.

    I’m a Maven, but have literally skipped every month since maybe.. last spring. I completely agree that they are late for trends, which is a shame. Nothing has been catching my eye, hence the skips. And their mystery boxes are such a major let-down. With that said, I did just buy and actually received within 2 days the Oxygen Nail Treatment. That is one thing Julep has got right: their customer service and shipping/delivery is always impeccable!

    • It wasn’t my photos that were taken. From my understanding they pulled the photos immediately upon learning what had happened, contacted the blogger and resolved it privately.

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