Swatch & Review: Lynnderella ‘Connect the Dots’

“There’s something strange and powerful about black-and-white imagery.”
~ Stefan Kanfer, author and journalist

While sorting through my rainy-day-swatch-folder (which I am making an effort to go through and post from for the next week so I don’t end up with a folder full of ancient irrelevant swatches) I came across these swatches. I had taken them quite literally the day before the drama really exploded with the Lynnderella brand. I knew I still wanted to show swatches of the ones I hadn’t featured yet but I decided to give it some time. Especially since my posts (here and here) covering the drama had gone viral so I felt it prudent to focus my attention there.

However, at this point things have settled and calmed down. Of course not everyone likes the ending result of Lynnderella selling via Ebay and the methods used (I’m keeping my personal opinion out of this), but at the very least it has been consistent for a while. Which is more than we could have said a year ago. Unfortunately most of the Lynnderella polishes I still have to feature are ones which she has reworked the formula for recently. I will still feature them, and will be sure to note that it is the older formula. However, Connect the Dots has remained the same.

Connect the Dots was the polish that, for a lot of people, got the Lynnderella brand on their radars. It spawned a movement of black and white glitters amongst indie brands. It may be small, but oh it is mighty.

I have been known to have a bit a wee bit of a problem with black and white glitters – at least a dozen or so different indie variations have crossed my stoop. I adore the versatility since it can be layered over virtually anything, and is a way to have a fun manicure without being overly youthful. Additionally, there are many work environments where B&W glitter would be viewed as slightly more appropriate as sparkly glitter.

At this point there are oodles of similar products out there, including a few dupes. But in my experience, nothing beats the original. Sure, I have mixed feelings about the brand itself and I’m not sure I’d purchase another one – but I adore the one I have. Other brands I have tried are sometimes able to capture the look of this polish, but I have yet to find out that perfectly mirrors the look, formula, and ratio of glitter to base.

Shown here over two coats of Revlon Dreamer and topped with Seche Vite



As of the time of this post you can purchase Lynnderella polishes via her Ebay listings and/or store – and always be on the look out at blog sales!

Once my 1 year blog anniversary giveaway has concluded I will be hosting a giveaway for a bottle of Connect the Dots!

One thought on “Swatch & Review: Lynnderella ‘Connect the Dots’

  1. before now i visually disliked largeglitter polish. but this one i really like as it looked more like paint splatter than large glitte. so my opinion had def changed.

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