Swatch & Review: Picture Polish ‘Attitude’

NOTE: This was originally posted on my Blogger version of Polish Pixelle after I had exported it, but prior to this site going live. I am manually reposting it.

Attitude is my first and only Picture Polish that I’ve tried. I participate in multiple secret santa-esque exchanges throughout the year with other nail bloggers and polish enthusiasts. Not only is it a blast to send/receive gifts, but its also a fun way for me to learn about new brands!

While I had heard Picture Polish before, an Australian brand that can be somewhat more difficult to track down here in the US, I had never actually tried any, or even seen one in person. In a recent exchange I was assigned someone who had Attitude on their wishlist. At $15 (at the online retailer I purchased through) it was well above the normal amount I spend per bottle on exchange polishes, but it was one of the only things she had asked for and I figured it would be a neat way for me to at least see the brand bottles etc in person. I loved it SO much…. that I bought my own :)

Attitude is a gorgeous deep blurple (purple/blue) with silver holo micro flecks. The effect is stunning – consistently reminded me of a night sky. I truly appreciate polishes like this that are above and beyond gorgeous, while strikingly simple.

Formula was fine, no muss or fuss.

Shown here as 2 coats under 1 coat Seche Vite



So pretty!

Picture Polish is an Australian polish brand and you can find their website here. Due to overseas shipping complications (hazardous material), they do not offer international shipping.

Attitude was created as an exclusive for Overall Beauty for $15.

You can also find other Picture Polish available through Harlow & Co for between $13-$14.50

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