Swatch & Review: Zoya ‘Evvie’

“Life isn’t black and white. It’s a million gray areas, don’t you find?”
~ Ridley Scott, English film director and producer

Oh Zoya, I love you so much. As a hardcore indie polish fanatic, the mainstream brands have fallen to the wayside. However I have recently started to revisit several of my old favorite mainstream brands, which of course includes Zoya. Sadly I don’t live close to an Ulta (can get to one once or twice a year) or any other store that stocks Zoya so I tend to only get them when they have a promotion going on because for some reason I’m quite stubborn about paying shipping for mainstream polish (although it doesn’t seem to bother me for indies).

The last time I purchased Zoyas I got 6 because there was a buy one get one free promo going on. It turned out that two out of the six were dupes for colors I already have! D’oh! On the bright side, makes for a good dupe post and eventually another item for my blog sale. Before getting to the dupe post I wanted to feature Evvie on its own because it truly is a gorgeous shade (perhaps that’s why I bought two from different brands!).

Evvie is a dark gray creme with green undertones. To me this almost feels a touch vampy. It is a rich shade, great for fall or cloudy days. I love that it is both work appropriate and chic, easily making the transition from day to night.

Formula was more or less easy to work with – typical for Zoya. The only issue I had was that the first coat came out a bit patchy – opaque in some areas but sheer in others. However, the second coat fixed this and I threw on a third for good measure.

Shown here with two coats and Out The Door



You can purchase Zoya polish via their website and Amazon

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      • It’s funny because my experience with Pokemon is limited to the video games (never got into the playing cards, shows etc) so I never knew most of the names. However, when I got this polish I immediately was drawn to it because I always thought Evvie was one of the cutest ones….

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